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The future of data is under your control

The crowdsale is now complete!

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Token Sale Terms

Maximum cap on crowdsale: 22,000 ETH.
Total token supply 300 million (300,000,000) INSTAR of which:

  • 5% sold in presale
  • 30% retained by Team and Advisors
  • 30% minted to ecosystem data providers
  • 35% sold in Public Crowdsale

Purchase methods accepted: ETH

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Token Sale Roadmap


Control the private keys to your data alongside your INSTAR tokens.

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Pioneering blockchain-based market research

The Insights Network’s unique combination of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and secure multiparty computation enables the individual to securely own, manage, and monetize their data.

Secure Identity Managemenet

Consumer Incentives

Blockchain Verifiable Results

The Instar Token

Instar is the native token of the Insights Network. In exchange for Instar tokens, users can purchase advanced datasets. Users migrating data into the network are rewarded with ecosystem tokens.

A symbiotic network for ongoing research

An innovative marketplace created to protect and benefit both
sides of market research.


As a Requester, you can gain access to valuable datasets without depending on databrokers.


As a Provider, you can earn tokens for sharing data and completing simple market research while remaining anonymous.

A protocol with many use cases for developers.

Secure Election
Customer Feedback
Private Information Retrieval
Auction Bidding
Custom Surveys

Our Technology

Built on EOS
-EOS gives Dapp Builder's the ability to build Commercial Scale DApps and support thousands of transactions per second with Parallel Execution, Asynchronous Communication and Separates Authentication from Execution. Forking your apps blockchain is no longer necessary with EOS Freeze and Fix Broken Applications feature set and generalized role-based permissions.

Secure Multiparty Computation
-In Partnership with Partisia, the Insights Network Development Team is building the first commercial use of SMC in validating data along the blockchain. Data Companies and other Corporations will receive token rewards for providing computing resources along our blockchain that validates data to be true and accurate in the marketplace.

-Insight's protocol allows near instant transaction times that contain zero fees for sender and instead a near zero fee paid for by receiver. This enables micropayments across Insight's Platforms that are not possible with tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The Ecosystem

The Insights Network Smart Contract connects Requesters with Providers to safely and securely trade data.

The Insights Team

Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher

Cofounder & CEO

W.P. Carey School of Business
Underground Cellar, Gambeal
Y Combinator

Darwin Lo

Darwin Lo

Cofounder & CTO

Stanford Computer Science
Cofounder, Wink Health
Y Combinator

Brandan Zaucha

Brandan Zaucha

Cofounder, BD & Community

W.P. Carey School of Business
Underground Cellar, Gambeal
Y Combinator

Peter Frands Frandsen

Sebastián León

Lead Wallet Developer

MIT Computer Science
Co-Founder & CEO, DataFace
Twitter, Data Science

Kurt Nielsen, PhD

Strategy & Operations

CEO, Partisia
Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen
Business Economics

Jesper Buus Nielsen, PhD

Jesper Buus Nielsen, PhD

Research Scientist

Associate Professor, Aarhus University
Cofounder, Partisia
Cofounder, Sepior
Secure Multiparty Computation

Peter Frands Frandsen

Peter Frands Frandsen

Technical Director

Computer Science, Aarhus University
Technical Director, Partisia
Secure Multiparty Computation - Surveys

Dino Amaral

Michael Bax, PhD

Smart Contract Lead Developer

Stanford University
Facebook Engineer

Dylan Herman

Dylan Herman

Blockchain Developer

Univ. Illinois Engineering
Big Data Engineer - Healthcare



Designer/UI/UX / Blockchain Eng.

We are Hiring!
[email protected]

Our Advisors

Jason Hamlin

Jason Hamlin

AC Nielsen, Goldstockbull

Andrew Rosener

Andrew Rosener

Media Options

Dino Amaral

Dino Amaral, PhD

Code Audit

Claudio Orlandi, PhD

Claudio Orlandi, PhD

Cryptographic Protocol Design

Our Partners