The future of data is under your control

Insights Network is connecting consumers with businesses for mutually beneficial data exchange by using digital currency and blockchain technology.

Our Technology

Insights Network Technology is Fast, Transparent, and Secure. Our verified ecosystem of requesters and providers is fueled by INSTAR. Learn More

Our Blockchain

Insights Network Blockchain ensures high speed, low cost, and transparent transactions.

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Secure Multiparty Computation

Secure Multiparty Computation allows a number of parties to jointly perform computations on private inputs, without releasing information other than which has been agreed upon.

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Verified Ecosystem

Each Insights Network user is KYC approved and issued a committed value to the blockchain that allows participation in our network.

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Explore the powerful use cases that Instar enables:


Insights Network participants are grouped into DataPools with different benefits based on various criteria such as tokens earned and stored on the app.

Block Producer Network

Insights Network Block Producers are dedicated INSTAR token holders who believe in the mission to secure and retain ownership of our data.

Creating Polls and Surveys

Businesses and organizations can use INSTAR to create polls and surveys using the Insights Network Requester Dashboard. Verified survey participants data is fully encrypted at all times.

Prediction Markets

Experience a powerful medium of exchange for generating high quality predictions sourced from our diverse audience of verified users.

Viewing Survey Results

Results from targeted surveys are exportable using a one-time pad, ensuring your survey results are completely private and for your eyes only.


Fuel a diverse range of microtasks and other activities performed by verified Insights Network community members.

Our Products

Insights Network offers a combination of unique features that make it the best place to buy and sell data

  • Earn tokens

    Get paid in digital tokens for participating in daily activities.

  • Create surveys

    Launch surveys and research campaigns with the click of a few buttons.

  • Watch prices

    Watch price movements of your favorite digital tokens.

  • Control your data

    Ensure that your data is protected and only shared when you decide.

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Insights Network is built together with it’s users. Together, we’re creating the world’s largest decentralized secret sharing database where the users own the private keys to their data.